On The Palm: The Home Recordings

by Matt Campbell

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A note in regards to "On The Palm: The Home Recordings"

There are different options when it comes to doing something on the slim. You can run a marathon and try to save up your dough and book a day. You can stare at your computer for hours on end and try to request assistance. You can lay around and daydream that some sort of forgotten wheel will appear and magically begin to roll. Or you can walk into your kitchen and find the sharpest knife you've got and start carving away. It's crude and unrefined. It's got a residue in the water that will sting your eyes and burn your throat, but you drove all that way and laid your money down, so you swim in spite of it. It's not pretty, but it's movement, and as a good American I need to move.

It's home recording time in the Campbell house. The dining room has been torn apart. Some friends of mine that I rarely hang out with have dropped by to play some songs with me in my living room. A red button is mashed and with a 1 2 3 4 the little meters on the tape machine come to, like shocking a dead person with 600 volts of electricity. We record four songs. I record a handful more by myself. I have compiled them and entitled the collection, "On The Palm: The Home Recordings."

People are losing their jobs, homes, families, their minds, their lives. Love is stringing people out all over the place. Taking us places we never thought we'd go. Places everyone has been and only some recognize. Memories are fading in and out like Suspicious Minds. Decisions are decided. Masses are treading water trying to stay afloat. Minorities are jumping from bolder to bolder turning over stones along the way. Frantically looking for the pie from which they can cut their slice. Some people are left on the wayside while others are, for one reason or another, being towed along. The line is unraveling though and the string is about to break. That hand that is forcing you to look backwards is tiring and you're looking forward to moving onward. Down the road that others not so long ago forged. Turning down side streets, they may have missed.

Hope you enjoy,



released October 25, 2010

Matt Campbell: Guitars, Vocals, Piano / Joseph Decosimo: Fiddle, Banjo / Mike Rinne: Bass / Logan Matheny: Drums



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Matt Campbell Nashville, Tennessee

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